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Hales Machine Tool is the premier Midwest machine tool equipment supplier providing application consulting and advanced customized equipment and service to meet your needs today and in the future. The machine tool manufacturers we proudly represent deliver state-of-the-art solutions engineered to increase efficiency, reduce labor, improve quality and increase revenue potential. We also provide installation, parts, service, preventive maintenance and upgrades.

Serving: Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and W. Wisconsin


Improve Efficiency and Quality

Hales Machine Tool represents the leading metal finishing equipment in the industry for a wide range of applications. We offer advanced equipment for CNC automation and swiss machining, grinding, horizontal and vertical machine tooling, laser cutting and waterjet cutting.


We purchased our first two machines from Hales Machine Tool in 1997, and continue to buy our machines from Hales today. We currently have 33 CNC machines. All but one machine was bought from Hales. It starts with the great sales team having knowledge of what G&K produces to understand what type of machines best fit our shop. Above and beyond the great sales team comes the service department.

Josh Kissick, G&K Machining